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Zhi Dexing explains the internal structure of membrane switch for you

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Membrane switch is a control system integrating key functions, indicating elements, and instrument panels. It is made of PC, PET, FPC and double-sided adhesive and other soft materials. It is a multi-planar combination seal made of screen printing technology. It is a plastic electronic product integrating graphics, buttons, symbol display, conductive and electronic switches. . Widely used in electronic communications, industrial control, medical equipment, automotive industry, instrumentation, household appliances, children's toys, military equipment and other industries and fields. Common membrane switch components:


First, the panel layer

The panel layer is generally made of fine patterns and letters on silk screens of colorless transparent PET, PC and other materials below 0.25 MM. The main role of the panel layer is in the identification and key functions, so the material must be highly transparent. High ink adhesion, high elasticity, high toughness and other characteristics.

Second, the adhesive layer

The main function of the adhesive is to connect the panel layer and the circuit layer tightly to achieve the effect of sealing and connection. The thickness of the layer is generally required to be between 0.05 and 0.15 MM, and it has high strength and anti-aging properties; in production , General use of special membrane switch double-sided adhesive, some membrane switch requires waterproof and anti-high temperature, so the adhesive must also be based on the need to use different materials.

Third, control circuit upper and lower layers

In this layer, polyester film (PET) with good performance is used as the carrier of the switch circuit pattern, and conductive silver paste and conductive carbon paste are silk-screened on a special process to make it conductive, and its thickness is generally 0.05-- Within 0.175MM, it is common to use 0.125MM PET.

Fourth, the folder

It is between the upper circuit and the lower circuit layer and functions as a seal and connection. It is generally made of PET double-sided tape with a thickness ranging from 0.05 to 0.2 mm. When selecting the material of this layer, the product should be fully considered. Thickness, insulation, circuit keys and feel and sealing.

Fifth, the back layer

The use of back-adhesives is closely related to what kind of material the film switch is affixed to. The commonly used adhesives include ordinary double-sided tape, 3M glue, and waterproof glue.

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