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Zhi Dexing membrane switch panel keys widely used in the instrument

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     In electronic circuits, unlocked key switches are widely used. Since it does not need to pass a large current, it is usually relatively small in appearance and volume, and is often referred to as a touch button or a micro switch. The mouse button and the handset keypad are typical examples of a keyless switch. Modern electronic equipment and instrumentation generally have human-computer interaction functions. Touching a key is one of the main components of a human-computer interaction device. The system can touch the information of the key by the user, including the state of the system when touched. The number of presses, the length of time the touch was pressed, and which key was pressed to determine how well the response was made.

     In the development of human-computer interaction interface, a technique called membrane button has replaced the touch button in many occasions. Membrane keys can be used to embed a plurality of metal contacts into a thin film consisting of several layers of films according to the user's requirements. In the panel, a metal wire is formed by printing and the metal contact is connected to the external connection terminal through the FPC connection tape. The film keys have a low tactile sensation and can realize multiple buttons at the same time. The simplification of the appearance and the reduction of the design of the plate can be achieved at the same time. In addition, it also has a certain waterproof performance, and thus it is welcomed by many users. However, due to the need for customization of thin-film keys, its manufacturing process is complex, resulting in high cost. At the same time, there are limitations on the life of the mechanical contact, which makes its application also subject to certain restrictions.

      Zhidexing is a high-tech company specializing in the design and manufacture of membrane switches, touch panels, and flexible circuits. The company has a well-equipped, fully-fledged manufacturing platform and a strong professional and technical team. The produced membrane switch products are widely used in communications, paper machine membrane switch, industrial control, CNC machinery, injection molding machinery, embroidery machine membrane switch, sewing machine membrane switch equipment, sparks, inverters, household appliances, children's toys, instruments, Instruments, medical equipment, electronic game machines, military products, etc.

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